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Our Philosophy


Life should be a planned investment of time, finances, and energies (physical and mental). Just as an investment professional manages his client’s portfolio and makes investment decisions based on subject matter expertise, personal research, and market trends to maximize returns to his clients based on their personal goals.

Our vision is to be a ‘counsellor for life’ to our clients and guide them through the ups and downs of their personal and professional lives, helping them harness nature’s energies by providing guidance and remedies to help achieve their goals in life, while living a fulfilling, harmonious and peaceful life.

Timing is the Key
‘Timing is everything’ is something we see and experience every day. We often hear success and failure stories of people with the difference between them being ‘answering the proverbial door when the opportunity knocked’. Our experienced counsellor effectively integrates his knowledge of Vaastu, Astrology and Palmistry to enhance the effect of remedial solutions, and even achieve spectacular results.

Thousands of Success Stories
So far, our counsellor, Sri Rathnam has helped solution-seekers enjoy outstanding success. He has guided thousands of our clients to success at both professional and personal levels, resulting in a fulfilling, harmonious, and peaceful lives.

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Vedic Counselling is a service where we are passionate about helping transform lives fulfilling, harmonious and peaceful lives. If you wish to be a part of this vision, join us as a user, a retail affiliate, or simply help spread the word by being an ambassador, if satisfied!


We have all arrived on this earth at a certain time, day and year during which moment, our planetary positions were at work.

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