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Vedic Remedial Measures

Homa or the fire ritual is amongst the most amazing tools to support a person’s evolution, happiness and success in all areas of life. This ancient Vedic ritual performed by expert Vedic scholars is based upon the knowledge and understanding of the laws of nature. Homas can be performed for any desires, goals, issues or problems and can be requested for any purpose or motivation, as long as they are for our highest good.

Homas can be performed for love, marriage, relationships, children, health, career, success, business, wealth and prosperity and for the fulfilment of any worthy goals or desires. Homa Therapy can be performed for neutralization, transcendence and alleviation of difficult karma, for appeasement of sufferings, for removal of obstacles and blockages, for dissolution of crisis, for clarity through chaos, for healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances, for protection from dangerous situation, and for reversal of already manifested problems. Homas are also performed for protection and prevention.

We have all arrived on this earth at a certain time, day and year during which moment, our planetary positions were at work.

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