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Most basic needs of human life is Shelter. It’s where we live as a unit seeking a peaceful, prosperous and healthy existence. This shelter or premises( house/commercial space /Factories) is built on Earth and is enveloped by the other elements of Earth,Air, Water, Fire and Space called pancha bhutas. The interplay of pancha bhutas has an impact on the inmates of the premesis. Erection of structures per the tenets of Vaastu as laid down in Vaastu Shastra, the imates of the premises reap benefits.

Vaasthu impacts on Every areas of life

  • Commercial (Industries/Retail outlets/Factories)
  • Residential (Individuals, Banglows, Gated communities,Villas)
    • Healthy life Status
    • Thinking Process among people in the family and community
    • Financial Status
    • Interpersonal Relationship among the family members and community you live in
    • Career Status
    • Legal aspects
  • While choosing or enhancing existing Residential /Commercial/Business/Retail properties:
  • Guiding Real estate projects in creating gated communities from site selection, , involving with Architects from Designing stage to completion of projects.
  • Manufacturing units from site selection to completion of projects
  • Retail store arrangement for maximum sales
  • Resolving issues related Business i.e partnership/work force/legal/wrong products payment issues
  • Reviving sick units or low performing units
  • Supporting venture capitalist in choosing right company and product

We have all arrived on this earth at a certain time, day and year during which moment, our planetary positions were at work.

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