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Vedic Astrology

Astrology is based on Astronomy and attempts to foretell the future on the movement and influence of planets on man. As we all know, the earth revolves on its own axis and takes 24 hours or one day to complete one revolution.

The Moon rotates around the earth and takes 30 days or one month to complete one rotation.

The earth takes 365 days or one year to complete one rotation around the Sun. The Earth rotates around the Sun in an elliptical orbit and the ecliptic is the Sun’s path.

The zodiac is invisible to the naked eye but is detected by watching the movement of the planets.

The ‘Lagna’ is of great importance. ‘Lagna’ is a point in the ecliptic which is inclined to the equator and is based on latitude and longitude.

Lagna is based on Time of birth of a person ‘’ and is determined from time and space. Places with a difference of either longitude, latitude or both, cannot have the same Lagna at the same time.

There are 12 Lagnas in a day with an average rate of 2 hours per Lagnam.

The longevity and prosperity of a Native de­pends on the position of planets in various signs with respect to the ‘Lagna’.

‘Rasi’ means the sign occupied by the Moon at the time of birth.

The great Indian Astronomer Badarayana has divid­ed the Zodiac into 12 parts of 30° each.

We have all arrived on this earth at a certain time, day and year during which moment, our planetary positions were at work.

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